Eternal Message of Late Swami Ram baba

Trust in Him Who is
Love Truth God Beauty

Dearest Self, take it from Ram,
The Simple and greatest truth of life,
Understanding and wisdom is :

Love has brought us to this world,
Love has kept us in this world,
Love leads us all to that Great,
O, dear ones, May you secure this
Truth first, Devotion to God and service
To Mankind are the secrets of the Grahstha-Dharma
May you achieve highest reputation
And glory as an ideal grahstha,
O ! Lord SAI NATH Shower thy
Choicest blessings on dear self
And to all dear selves,
By giving long, happy, peaceful, loving and wonderful
Perfect human life, as per Thy will and wish.
May Shri SAI NATH grant you wealth of health,
Wisdom and bliss ample.
Shri SAI’S blessings with Ram’s hearty love
To you dear.

Oh God! Give Me The Strength
To Change The Things That I Can,
The Patience, To Endure The Things
That I Cannot And The Wisdom
To Know The Difference.



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