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Shri. Arun Kumar Saraf
Born : March 10th, 1959

Academic Qualifications                : Born - March 10th 1959 Major in Economics & Business Administration from U.S.A.
                                                         Lansdowne College, London ‘A’ Levels 1977
                                                         St. Xavier’s School, Kathmandu
                                                         Senior Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Levels 1975

Current Engagements                   1.   Executive Director :
                                                            Asian Hotels Ltd. New Delhi
                                                            5-star deluxe hotels Hyatt Regency Delhi,
                                                            Kolkata & Mumbai
                                                      2.   Managing Director :
                                                            Taragaon Regency Hotels Ltd., Kathmandu
                                                            5-star deluxe hotel Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
                                                      3.   Managing Director :
                                                            Juniper Hotels Private Ltd, Mumbai
                                                            5-star deluxe hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai
                                                      4.   Executive Director :
                                                            Yak & Yeti Hotel Ltd. Kathmandu
                                                            5-star deluxe hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal
Work Experience   :

After graduation from UCLA, Mr. Arun Saraf worked as executive director of Yak & Yoti Hotel Ltd. in Nepal where he was in charge of day-to-day operations of this 5-star deluxe property. Then he moved from Kathmandu and joined Asian Hotels Ltd (owners of Hyatt Regency Delhi) as executive director, looking after the operations of the company. He continues to be part of the top-level management of Asian Hotels Ltd. and looks after the expansion plans and operations of the company.

In 1990, Mr. Saraf got actively involved in development of new hotels and his first project was expansion of Yak & Yeti Hotel from 110 rooms to 270-room hotel. Thereafter, he took charge of development of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu which was funded by Asian Development Bank. Mr. Saraf was also involved in the development of Grand Hyatt Delhi since inception. Hyatt Regency Kathmandu & Grand Hyatt Delhi started commercial operations in August & October 2000 respectively. Mr. Saraf is part of the development management team of Hyatt Regency Kolkata & Mumbai. These two hotels have opened in the second half of 2002. In 2004, Mr. Saraf completed the construction and development activities of Grand Hyatt Mumbai which is the largest hotel in the country. Mr. Sarafs specialization is development of hotels, and he is experienced in all aspects of hoteliering. From conceptualization of hotel project to full construction activities, and commercial operations.

Mr. Saraf has varied experience in the development of inbound tours operations and has intimate knowledge of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. He has worked in this field for the last 20 years as owner of Nepal Travel Agency Private Limited.

Interests and hobbies :

Mr. Saraf has many varied interests but the things he is most passionate about are traveling and trekking, reading and researching about the future, teaching and working with young people. He has traveled and trekked extensively in Nepal Himalayas and Tibet over last twenty years. It is Mr. Sarafs personal aim to climb a 25000 ft plus peak before he is fifty. The dream is to climb Mount Everest. He is very interested in teaching young people, and contemplating making teaching his second profession.

Social Activities – pertaining to Tourism/Hotel Industry

•    Member of the International Hotel Association Paris (IHA) representing Nepal for 2 years running viz. 1986-87 and 1987-88.
•    Executive Member of Hotel Association of Nepal since 1984-1990 (HAN) is responsible for initiating and implementing various proposals for development of tourism/hotel industry in Nepal.
•    Mr. Saraf has been regularly attending the World Travel Mart (WTM), London since 1987 as a leading member of the Nepalese delegation. WTM is the venue where all prominent hoteliers/travel operators the world over meet regularly and interact.
•    Member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and regularly attending their conferences since 1983.
•    Mr. Saraf has been actively involved and leading in his family developed charitable school “Modern Indian School” in Kathmandu, Nepal. This school is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi and is the finest school in Nepal, both academically and in terms of facilities available.

Directorships :

Currently director on the Board of following leading companies :
1.   Asian Hotels Ltd., New Delhi
2.   Taragaon Regency Hotels Ltd., Kathmandu
3.   Unison Hotels Ltd., New Delhi
4.   Yak & Yeti Hotel Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal
5.   Juniper Hotels Private Ltd., Mumbai
6.   Hotel & Resort Ventures Private Ltd., Kolkata
7.   Nepal Travel Agency Private Ltd., Kathmand
8.   Madison Hotels Ltd., New Delhi
9.   Bazaloni Group Ltd., Kolkata
10. Saraf Industries Ltd., Hong Kong
11. Sara International Ltd., Hong Kong

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